Access maps to the Hongo Campus of UT

(1) Access map from Narita Int'l airport to the Hongo Campus

(2) Campus map of the Hogno Campus
    #2 is the venue, that is, Sanjo Conference Hall near the Pondo "Sanshiro-ike (三四郎池)" on the map

(3) Sanjo Conference Hall (山上会館) on Google Maps of the Hogno Campus


Access from Stations nearby the Hongo Campus of UT

#Google maps are useful for you to move in Tokyo

- Hongo-sanchoume Station (本郷三丁目駅) on Subway Marunouchi Line (丸ノ内線)
  8 minutes' walk

- Hongo-sanchoume Station (本郷三丁目駅) on Subway Oedo Line (大江戸線)
  6 minutes' walk

- Yushima Station (湯島駅) or Nezu Station (根津駅) on Subway Chiyoda Line (千代田線)
  8 minutes' walk

- Todaimae Station (東大前駅) on Subway Namboku Line (南北線)
  1 minutes' walk

- Kasuga Station (春日駅) on Subway Mita Line (三田線)
  10 minutes' walk

- Ochanomizu Station (御茶ノ水駅) on JR Chuo Line (中央線), JR Soubu Line (総武線)
  Take Subway Marunouchi Line <for Ikebukuro> (丸ノ内線<池袋行>)
  -> get off at Hongo-sanchome Station (本郷三丁目駅)

  Take Subway Chiyoda Line <for Toride> (千代田線<取手行>)
  -> get off at Yushima Station (湯島駅) or Nezu Station (根津駅)

- Ueno Station (上野駅) on JR Yamanote Line (山手線) and other lines
  Take Toei Bus [学01] for the University of Tokyo (都営バス[学01]東大構内行)
  -> get off at either of Tatsuokamon (龍岡門), Todai-Byoin-mae (東大病院前), and Todai-Konai (東大構内) stops


Useful maps and tourist information of Tokyo

- Tokyo Metro

- East Japan Railway Company (JR East)

- Official Tokyo Travel Guide

- Japan National Tourism Organization