Sanjo Conference Hall, 2F, Conference Room 
Hongo Campus
The University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

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Homepage (Japanese) of Sanjo Hall (山上会館) (In Japanese)
("山(san)" means a mountain as it looks, but it is also used as a small mountain, that is a hill in this sense. "上(jo)" means "above". "会館(kaikan)" means a hall. Sanjo Hall(山上会館) means a hall on the top of the hill.  There is a pond called "三四郎池(Sanshirou-ike)" next to the hall. "三四郎(Sanshiro)" is the name of a male student in a popular Japanese traditional novel. "三(san)", "四(shi)", and "郎(rou)" mean "three", "four" and "boy" respectively. So, his name is three-four-boy. "池(ike)" means a pond. Many of place names in Japan show characteristics of geographic features as ideograms because of a disaster-prone country.)

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